Chelsea Settles 2011
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Chelsea Settles 2011

This docu-series follows the life-changing journey recent college graduate Chelsea Settles makes in pursuit of her dream career in fashion. While the professional hurdles she must overcome to achieve her goals are essentially the same as any other grad seeking their first professional break, what makes Chelsea's story interesting are the personal angles. She's leaving everything she's ever known in her small hometown outside of Pittsburgh -- including a mother with severe medical conditions who depends on Chelsea for care and comfort -- to live in Los Angeles. On her own for the first time is challenging enough, but Chelsea must also confront her debilitating social phobias stemming from the fact she weighs close to 325 pounds. Will image-conscious L.A. be too much for Chelsea to handle, on top of finding a job, living with a roommate and trying to appease a boyfriend in a long-distance relationship?

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