Redfern Now 2012
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Redfern Now 2012

Six powerful, funny, bittersweet stories exploring extraordinary events in ordinary lives. Six families, unconnected, except that their lives are all changed by a seemingly insignificant incident, an accident or a moment’s decision that spirals into a lifechanging event.

A mother — about to depart on a long-deserved family holiday — is forced to put her life on hold and find a home for her niece and nephew, when her mentally unstable sister is committed.

An idealistic Indigenous cop locks up a local troublemaker, brought into the station after a bad fight. When the prisoner is later found dead in his cell, the cop’s nightmare begins.

After serving six years in jail for killing a man in a street fight, a professional boxer comes home to find he has competition for his wife’s attention.

A joyride in a stolen car at first leads to tragedy and a jail sentence for an innocent young boy, then twists into an unlikely love story.

A middle-class family’s façade is brought crumbling down by an anonymous tip off.

And a young Aboriginal boy’s refusal to stand for the national anthem at school triggers a surprising reaction from teachers and fellow students.

REDFERN NOW is contemporary inner city Indigenous life, told by the people who live it. NOW.

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