The Watch 2015
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The Watch 2015

A cross-genre police procedural series based on the characters and locations created within Terry Pratchett's Discworld franchise.

The Watch was announced in 2011 as being developed by Prime Focus Productions, which previously created three two-part television adaptations of Discworld novels. It was later reported to be produced by Pratchett's own TV production company, Narrativia, which he founded in 2012 and which was led by Rod Brown, the erstwhile head of Prime Focus.
The series has been variously reported to be written − under Pratchett's oversight − by either Terry Jones and Gavin Scott or by Guy Burt, and to have a budget of either £13 to £15 million or £26 million for its projected run of thirteen 60-minutes episodes. Pratchett's daughter Rhianna will be a co-writer. No broadcast date has been announced. In September 2014, Pratchett's agent Colin Smythe informed in Prague that the script is in development and shooting is to commence in 2015.

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