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Blood Money 1981

1981 BBC One
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Blood Money 1981

Blood Money is a television serial written by Arden Winch and produced by the BBC in 1981.The series starred Michael Denison as Captain Percival, an operative of British Special Intelligence, who works with Scotland Yard to solve the kidnapping of the young son of the Administrator General of the United Nations by a terrorist cell.The six-part serial was produced by Gerard Glaister, previously responsible for the Second World War drama series Secret Army. Blood Money also reunited a number of former Secret Army cast members - Bernard Hepton played the Chief Superintendent of the police force who worked with Captain Percival, while Juliet Hammond-Hill and Stephen Yardley also appeared as two of the terrorists.The character of Captain Percival later appeared in two more BBC thriller serials - Skorpion in 1983, involving the pursuit of an assassin in Scotland, and Cold Warrior in 1984, an eight-part collection of individual stories.

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