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Catherine Tate’s Nan 2015

2015 BBC One
3.9 /5 Rating
Catherine Tate’s Nan 2015

Joannie Taylor's grandson is away in Africa doing charity work, so the pensioner is assigned teenage volunteer 'Alice' to keep her company.Together they visit the council offices to get her kitchen tap mended - but the trip ends in chaos and results in the pensioner going to hospital.

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  • Title: Catherine Tate’s Nan 2015
  • IMDB: tt3445464
  • TVDB: 276916
  • Seasons: 1

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Season 1

Episode 2 : Knees Up Wilmott-Brown

When the freehold on Nan's block of flats in London's newly fashionable East End is bought up by some ruthless property developers, all the residents join together to fight for their survival. All except Nan, that is, who, having bought her own flat in the 1980s, finds herself holding a unique position of power over the developers and their oily representative, the unfortunate Charles Wilmott.


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