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In and Out of the Kitchen 2015

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In and Out of the Kitchen 2015

Damien Trench is a neurotic cookery writer, living in Queen's Park with his partner, Anthony.The show focuses on Damien and everything that happens to him both in and out of the kitchen, 'no matter how grizzly, or indeed, how gristly', as he writes his latest book, a diary of his life and culinary habits called In and Out of the Kitchen.Each episode follows a few days in the life of Damien and his partner Anthony, their seemingly ever-present builders Mr Mullaney and Steven, and Damien's terrifying agent Iain.Damien longs for a quiet life contemplating good food but also longs for perfection in all things, and his life has a habit of never quite working out the way he wants it to. While Damien's recipes always go to plan, his life never does...

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  • Title: In and Out of the Kitchen 2015
  • IMDB: tt3755834
  • TVDB: 278641
  • Seasons: 1

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