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Live PD Presents: PD Cam 2018

2018 A&E
3.95 /5 Rating
Live PD Presents: PD Cam 2018

PD Cam is law enforcement, up close and personal. In each 30-minute, heart-pumping episode, Sgt Sean "Sticks" Larkin of the Tulsa Police Department Gang Unit brings viewers an honest and complete look at an officer's POV during some of their craziest chases, standoff's and interactions across the country. This raw and cutting-edge documentary series utilizes law enforcement officer's body cameras, dash-cams, helicopter footage, security/surveillance cameras and citizen journalists’ personal mobile phones to showcase unprecedented access and editorial transparency like never before.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: Live PD Presents: PD Cam 2018
  • IMDB: tt8694866
  • TVDB: 350050
  • Seasons: 4

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