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Murder in Successville 2015

2015 BBC Three
4.1 /5 Rating
Murder in Successville 2015

Successville is a surreal place with a high celebrity homicide count. DI Sleet enlists the help of a genuine celebrity sidekick to solve the latest high profile murder.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: Murder in Successville 2015
  • IMDB: tt4673856
  • TVDB: 295324
  • Seasons: 1

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Season 2

Episode 1 : Vigilante

On his birthday, Sleet becomes a murder suspect when Nick Knowles' body is discovered in the detective's car. Rookie cop Vicky Pattison must break him out of prison and try and find the real culprit.



Episode 2 : Miranda

D.I. Sleet and Mark Wright are given the task of cleaning up the streets of Successville. Chief Ramsay wants them to eradicate a new lethal drug, nicknamed ‘Miranda’.


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Episode 6 : Memoirs

D.I. Sleet is in Successville General Hospital recovering from being shot in last week’s episode. Whilst in bed, Sleet reflectively takes us through his colourful memoirs as we see previously unseen moments from his life as a cop. Tired of working in the force, has it all got too much for our favourite detective, or will a series of surprise visitors make him change his mind?


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