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Mysteries of the Abandoned 2017

2017 Science Channel
3.65 /5 Rating
Mysteries of the Abandoned 2017

They were once some of the most advanced structures and facilities on the planet, standing at the cutting-edge of design and construction. Today they are abandoned, dangerous, some of them even deadly. From uninhabited cities to empty factories, these long-forgotten engineering marvels are scattered around the globe. Science Channel uncovers why some of the world's most advanced architectural achievements were eventually left behind in the all-new series Mysteries of the Abandoned.

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  • Title: Mysteries of the Abandoned 2017
  • IMDB: tt6823138
  • TVDB: 326691
  • Seasons: 2

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Season 1

Episode 6 : The Tesla Conspiracy

Some of the world's most incredible engineering projects are now deserted; an ambitious Nazi project that met a sinister end in the Czech Republic; a Cold War relic in Rochester, England that changed history; a cutting-edge research complex built by visionary genius Nikola Tesla; and a research station in the California mountains.



Episode 7 : The Devil's Road

Some of the world's most incredible engineering projects now lie in ruins. These deserted places are home to extraordinary mysteries and untold secrets, and we revisit them to understand how they were built, and why they were abandoned.


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Season 2

Episode 1 : Armageddon Highway

A strange Cuban prison, an eerie escape route for Los Angeles, California built for Armageddon, a dam in Italy, and an underwater marvel near Dover, England that changed history are mysterious deserted engineering projects, and new discoveries reveal how they were built and why they were abandoned. The Season 2 premiere.


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Episode 2 : Curse of the Haunted Prison

A mysterious American pyramid built out of Cold War paranoia, a haunted prison, and a strange cluster of structures in the Atlantic are mysterious deserted engineering projects.


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