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Mysterious Island 1995

1995 Family
1.65 /5 Rating
Mysterious Island 1995

Six Civil War prisoners elude the firing squad by commandeering a hot-air balloon and piloting it to freedom. But when a storm forces them to crash-land on a mysterious Pacific island, their escape is put on indefinite hold. Making matters worse, the mysterious Capt. Nemo is monitoring the group's every move. "Loosely" based on the novel by Jules Verne.

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  • Title: Mysterious Island 1995
  • IMDB: tt0112089
  • TVDB: 77238
  • Seasons: 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 : Genesis

The Battle of Richmond, March 20, 1865: Captured by Confederate forces, the group escapes their captors and flees in a helium balloon. Rising into the sky, the travelers and their balloon are carried away by strong winds and soon find themselves over open water. Attempting to land, the balloon descends uncontrollably (helped along by Nemo observing from an island below) forcing the group to climb into the rigging and drop the backet to remain aloft in hopes of reaching the island before they plunge into the ocean. Struggling to stay in the air, Captain Harding sacrafices himself to the ocean, allowing the balloon to slow its descent and reach the island. Exploring the island for signs of civilization with Neb, Herbert becomes trapped in a rock pool as the tide comes, threatening to drown him. Neb manages to rescue Herbert (with unseen help from Nemo). Herbery and Neb enter into a cave where they encounter signs of habitation.


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