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2010 Disney Junior
3.75 /5 Rating
Octonauts 2010

Animated deep sea adventure series. Captain Barnacles and his intrepid band of explorers roam the oceans in search of adventure and fun. Whether it's a perilous voyage to the bottom of the sea or the piratey pursuit of a giant squid, the Octonauts leap into action and always prove that eight heads are better than one.

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Season 1

Episode 49 : The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a

When the Octopod's waterworks are flooded with frightened Humuhumu fish, the Octonauts have to find a way to flush them out.


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Episode 50 : The Giant Spider Crab

The octonauts help a 100 year old spider crab which has got its leg trapped in a giant clam whilst en route to its own 100th birthday party. It turns out that Kwazii's afraid of spiders, but he still helps, even though he thought it was a real spider at first.


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