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Project Greenlight 2001

2001 HBO
3.65 /5 Rating
Project Greenlight 2001

One of the most unique concepts in TV history. "It's the Hollywood Cinderella story. Two childhood friends share an apartment in LA, struggling to break into acting. Unknown after years of hard work and tired of bit parts, they write their own script and star in it. Not only do they get recognized, they become famous and win an Oscar for Best Screenplay. A dream? Hardly. It's the true story of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. And it is this fairy tale come true that inspired them to team up with American Pie producer Chris Moore, and Dimension, to create a contest and community that would open the industry to aspiring writers and directors who need a big break to jump start their dreams."-PGL websiteThis 3rd season they are trying something completely different. First, a new network is picking up the show to give it new life. Thanks go out to the Bravo network for continuing these dreams. Second, a different studio, Dimension, has stepped up the reward to 2 million dollar to produce th

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  • Title: Project Greenlight 2001
  • IMDB: tt0299368
  • TVDB: 78146
  • Seasons: 1

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