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Side Order of Life 2007

2007 Lifetime
4 /5 Rating
Side Order of Life 2007

When a young photographer is about to marry a handsome man, she thinks her life is going perfect. She's got great friends, a great job, and also a great fiance. But everything changes when she starts to get signs forcing her to think about her life once again.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: Side Order of Life 2007
  • IMDB: tt0862824
  • TVDB: 80705
  • Seasons: 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 : Pilot

Jenny McIntyre, a photographer for In Person magazine, is days away from getting married, and is starting to have nightmares and become a little bit of a bridezilla. In the middle of her doubts about her own upcoming wedding, she is assigned to work on a story about a woman who has gotten married to three men, in part because she "loves weddings." Jenny leaves the assignment, promising to come back later, and is blindsided when her best friend, Vivy announces that her cancer has returned, and it is in her brain. Vivy demands that Jenny reassess everything in her life, especially her engagement to Ian. Jenny refuses, but over the course of the episode has no choice, as her subconscious starts to provide a running, involuntary reassessment for her. She also connects with a mysterious stranger when she misdials Ian's number.