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The Invisibles 2008

2008 BBC One
2.9 /5 Rating
The Invisibles 2008

Maurice Riley and Syd Woolsey are old friends who return from the good life on the Costa del Crime to a quiet Devon fishing village. They plan to eke out their retirement fishing and availing themselves of the NHS. However, the quiet life is not for them. As their ill-gotten gains run short, they find themselves drawn back into a life of crime, only crime has moved on and they've got new things to learn.Syd Warren Clarke (Dalziel and Pascoe) stars as alarms man Syd and Anthony Head (Little Britain, Buffy) plays safe cracker Maurice. With four wives and three divorces under his belt, single life is hard for Syd. But Maurice is his rock and Syd would lay down his life for his friend.HedleyDean Lennox Kelly (Shameless) plays Hedley, the 30-something-year-old son of Syd and Maurice's former partner in crime. When Hedley hears Syd and Maurice are planning to put down roots locally, he wants in on the action.Grace and BarbaraJenny Agutter plays Maurice's wife Barbara. Barbara is aware of her husband's penchant for cracking open the odd safe or two but their daughter, Grace, played by Emily Head, has no idea how her dad made his money.The Invisibles creator William Ivory says, "It's a dream of a cast. And what's especially brilliant is the breadth of the talent on board. The Invisibles is an ensemble piece which means every character relies on the one next to them to give full value in terms of what the script is trying to achieve. And that means, in an ideal world, you're looking to fill every role with a heavy hitter - but in truth you seldom achieve that. This time, I think we have..."The Invisibles was produced by Company Pictures (Elizabeth I, Shot Through the Heart, Shameless) for BBC One. Filming took place in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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