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The Joy of Teen Sex 2011

2011 Channel 4
4.1 /5 Rating
The Joy of Teen Sex 2011

Sex is part of every teenager's life. They think about it, they worry about it, and a lot of them do it. This new series offers a frank exploration of the love and sex lives of today's teenagers - presenting solutions to the emotional and physical problems many of them experience. Fronted by Dr Rachael Jones, social worker Ruth Corden, and resident sex coach Joanna Wierzbicka, the series revolves around visitors to the Sex Advice Shop walk-in clinic, where the team is on hand to offer young people, and sometimes their parents, support and professional advice. With 18-year-old Billie JD Porter acting as the show's roving reporter, no subject is off limits, from teen pregnancy to sexual performance and genital health, as the series shines a spotlight on issues that young people care about and experience in their love and sex lives.

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Season 1

Episode 1 : Episode 1

A frank and sometimes shocking look at the real world of teenage sex, complete with fears, frights and fun. Ruth and Dr Rachael meet a mother and daughter at loggerheads because the daughter refuses to go on the pill. Seventeen-year-old Rachel fell pregnant by accident last year and her mum Michelle is at a loss trying to get her daughter to protect herself from another unwanted pregnancy. While Ruth helps the pair to communicate better, can Dr Rachael find a suitable method of contraception for the teenager? Ruth also meets 20-year-old Calvin from Liverpool. Calvin is gay and works as a drag queen on the club scene, but he's yet to have a sexual partner and is scared to lose his virginity. Sex coach Joanna gives him some helpful advice on foreplay to get him more accustomed to the idea of anal sex. Next into the clinic is Holly, 20, who takes the contraceptive pill but rarely uses condoms because she doesn't think the kind of guy she sleeps with would carry sexually transmitted infections - even though the fastest growing STI, chlamydia, has no visible symptoms. But Holly is shocked when Dr Rachael presents her with some cold hard facts about STIs. Also looking for sex advice are 17-year-old lesbian Kim, keen to learn some more tricks for girls; sportsman Genna, 18, who is worried his sperm isn't normal; and 20-year-old Robyn who asks Ruth for help to make her boyfriend's semen more palatable!