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The Secret Of Crickley Hall 2012

2012 BBC One
3.45 /5 Rating
The Secret Of Crickley Hall 2012

A couple move to Crickley Hall a year after their son goes missing and supernatural events begin to take place, which makes Eve feel the house is somehow connected to her lost son.

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  • Title: The Secret Of Crickley Hall 2012
  • IMDB: tt2294227
  • TVDB: 262242
  • Seasons: 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 : Episode 1

When Eve Caleigh and her family arrive at Crickley Hall, they hope to escape the past. But the past has other ideas, and the trapped ghosts that haunt the hall seem to be sending her a message that not only her son is alive, but that they know where he is.



Episode 2 : Episode 2

While her family are terrorised by a ghost with a cane, Eve desperately tries to discover the reason for the haunting that may lead her to find her missing son. She begs a psychic for help, and a seance provokes the ghost to further violence.



Episode 3 : Episode 3

An expert on Crickley Hall arrives to help Eve and her family but the ghost has already put plans in motion to cause further grief for Eve. Just as she comes close to finding her missing son, her other children come under threat.



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