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The Unexplained Files 2013

2013 Science
3.9 /5 Rating
The Unexplained Files 2013

Strange sightings in the sky, mysterious disappearances, strangely terrifying creatures and reports of real UFO encounters.The Unexplained Files is an unabashed telling of some of the world's best and most baffling true stories. Uncover some of the world's most profound and disturbing mysteries with smart investigative journalism and creative style that will launch you into an exploration of the unknown.All of these mysterious phenomena come from credible sources and are accompanied either with some form of primary evidence or multiple witnesses, whose trembling accounts take us on a mysterious journey that ends truly unexplained. In this bizarre, but factual world we discover that seeking explanations often leads to even more compelling questions.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: The Unexplained Files 2013
  • IMDB: tt3141172
  • TVDB: 272740
  • Seasons: 1

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