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The Woodsmen 2015

THE WOODSMEN gives viewers a look into a world they’ve never seen before. A select group of men have sought out the ultimate freedom–a life in the treetops far removed from the trappings of modernity. They live in primitive structures built with their own bare hands.Hidden in the thick forests of the Pacific Northwest, surviving off the land is only possible with a diehard commitment and highly developed survival skills. Meat is hard to find, vegetation is frozen and supplies are low. Using age-old skills and innate ingenuity, these woodsmen carve out the lives they’ve chosen amid a harsh, unforgiving landscape.The Woodsmen tracks the stories of Mike, Steve, Ethan, Aza and Jay as they develop their tree structures, build the essentials for off-the-grid living, hunt, forage, barter and do whatever it takes to thrive in the most unlikely of places.

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Season 1

Episode 2 : Collapse

After disaster strikes, one man is forced to rebuild his tree structure. And when supplies run dangerously low, one woodsmen has to get creative to survive.