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True Crime with Aphrodite Jones 2010

2010 Investigation Discovery
3.15 /5 Rating
True Crime with Aphrodite Jones 2010

Aphrodite Jones is a New York Times best selling author, specializing in non-fiction true crime stories. A noted national television commentator, her opinions are sought after by news programs such as The Today Show, Dateline NBC, and The O'Reilly Factor.Throughout Jones' 20-year career, her focus has been on shedding light on any crime that reveals the injustices within our society. Her book, "All She Wanted," was made into the major motion picture "Boys Don't Cry.True Crime with Aphrodite Jones is a new series for Investigation Discovery that will feature Jones delving into some of the most heinous murder cases and crimes of our time.

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  • Title: True Crime with Aphrodite Jones 2010
  • IMDB: tt1492627
  • TVDB: 266839
  • Seasons: 1

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Season 5

Episode 6 : Father Doesn't Know Best

A young man is killed at his father's home in Central New York when the truck he is working on falls off its jack and crushes his chest. What at first appears to be a tragic accident soon reveals itself as something much more sinister.


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Episode 7 : Broken Commandments

A parishioner is shot to death while working in the office of her church in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The murder sends reverberations throughout the church. Was she killed at random, or was it personal? Aphrodite Jones tells the story.


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